All that are commenced as per the Holy Will of God, are continuing to exit to glorify God and bringing more souls for the Lord…

It was on 4th January 1998, the Bishop of Palakkad, Mar Jacob Manathodath had given directions to commence ‘Palakkad Prayer Group.’  The formation of this prayer group was initiated by allowing God’s plan to take place as Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, the director of Sehion Ministries, obtained the spiritual prompt at that time. Today this group has been elevated by God with its new version: Sehion Town Ministry, which is one among the thirty ministries of Sehion Ministries. God is blessing Sehion Town Ministry with timely guidance with the spiritual support of Mar Jacob Manathodath, our Bishop in all endeavours which are being taken up and implemented for the spiritual growth of the communities in Palakkad town. Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, the founder and first director of Sehion Town Ministry which had only 25 persons in the initial year, led this small team in prayer and hope, and has now emerged to gather each month, ten thousands of followers of faith in God. The mission of extending spiritual services for the needy people in Palakkad town is being supported by Br. Simon Vadakkan, Br. Mathew Olikkal, Br. Jose Narikkuzhi.  Presently, this ministry is under the able and prayerful guidance of Rev. Fr. Francis Thottankara, as director.

It was all but the blessings from the Most High that the Sehion Town Ministry has been provided with required space for its worships and services which was initially held at a small auditorium at BEM high school in Palakkad, in the year 2001. But, over a period of time, the number of attendees for the Retreat increased, and it was later been blessed to be shifted to the auditorium in the Commercial Hall in Palakkad. Very soon, in 2005, since the strength of participants in the Retreats of Sehion Town Ministry increased to greater extent, the gatherings were decided to be held then at the annexe auditorium of Municipal Town Hall. And, in the year 2009, the number of devotees which used to gather not only from Kerala, but also from neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka increased further, for each third Sunday worship the Ministry held its worship at the Palakkad Municipal Town Hall. Of late, God has granted the Sehion Town Ministry the grace to search and own its own provision for housing more and more faithful, and the dream of this ministry will soon be fulfilled on time.

From 2006 till 2009, the spiritual services of Sehion Town Ministry was led by its first director, Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and team. It was in August 2009, Mar Jacob Manathodath, the Bishop of Palakkad appointed Rev. Fr. Francis Thottankara as the new director. During this period, the assistant directors of Sehion Ministry, Rev. Fr. Soji Olikkal and Rev. Fr. Reni Pullukalayil had led the services of this ministry which had reaped many souls for the Lord. In due course, Rev. Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal, director of Sehion Retreat Centre had taken sincere initiatives along with Rev. Fr. Samson Mannoor, to share the Word of God, and thus took all efforts to strengthen the monthly spiritual services of Sehion Town Ministry.

It was during 19th to 23rd September in the year 2012, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, the Sehion Town Ministry had held the All Kerala Abhishekagni Convention, a 5-day Retreat at Palakkad. During this Retreat, each day a thirteen- thousand- strong faithful had gathered to receive the blessings from God.

From the commencement of the year 2013, the third Sunday services of Sehion Town Ministry is being held at the auditorium of Mercy College, Palakkad, led by Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil and team. Leadership training, spiritual guidance, intercessory prayer training etc. are continually held under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Francis Thottankara, director of this ministry.

Availing the vast opportunities of viewership of spiritual programs through visual media, the Sehion Town Ministry has initiated to enable the telecast of ‘Jeevajalam’ in ACV, and ‘Rapha Yehoah’ in UTV. Besides this, testimonies, prayers and preachings are being telecast.

The Sehion Town Ministry is now poised to accomplish the new task entrusted to it by the Almighty to spread the Word of God to far and wide remote places in the town of Palakkad. God will bless us to reach the target of saving every soul of this town, using the whole-hearted supports of Bishop Mar Jacob Manathodath, the efforts and guidance of Rev. Fr. Xavier Khan Vattayil, director of Sehion Ministries, and the dedicated services of the director of Sehion Town Ministry, Rev. Fr. Francis Thottankara, supported by Br. Simon Vadakkan and team.